Upcoming waste: Penny Stock





What would happen to our beloved Lincoln if the penny were to be discontinued? Penny Stock took that idea & made one of the far more interesting heritage lines this year. In their first season there isn’t much depth, but the line makes up in classic necessities & probably the most original detail i’ve seen.
Each item comes with a built in penny holder, so you’ll never lose your lucky penny (unlike me).

You can check it out at Untitled in Chicago.

Blog Statement

One of my first days working for a premier Chicago boutique, I asked about a certain account that people were asking for. I was told that we would never get it, nor would our competitor’s as Chicago “has no style”.

I disagree. We have style, but we’re stubborn and we’re slow to accept change. We’re blue collar, even when we’re white collar, and like items that have value, tradition and history.

This first was going to start out as a blog for budget conscious men, but now I don’t feel that accurately encompasses what I would like to share with you.

I want to show off our Midwaste style.


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